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The financial algorithm as Complex Adaptive System

In this study thanks to the third science, as is it called the study of the complex adaptive system we have a wonderful opportunity to look in to how the financial world operates. In fact if we start collecting the information on fluxes, analysing the sources and energy that constitute a system as a single entity and all, then we are confronted with a pattern. In observing it’s progression we become aware of the full implication of it and the impact on the broad horizon constituted in the ever larger system(s). These models allow us to understand a system from different points of view and to derive the consequences of changing different critical variables in the model. But we have to be very carful in analysing this type of data, misconceptions often derive from incorrect models of the system and diagnosing these misconceptions requires expert knowledge of what distortions can occur in the different type of models. Cross reference and different studies are welcome. In fact from the study of Meteorology we much learned on complex adaptive system and in the way we can observed and study them. Today we can apply this models to crate complex algorithm. Algorithms that are becoming the main instrument to do leverage and control the financial market. We will look in to this dualism that has become a pivotal force in to….