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The Art of Angels

The Art of Angels - Gabriele Pao-Pei Andreoli

I spend many hours in conventions and meetings, sometimes is not possible to literally write down notes so I have my way of remembering things, of expressing myself more than once has coat my colleagues and partners attention. I drew angels, strange angels… and the more I study the more evolved my angels are becoming. The idea of my own personal pictorial note system little by little became a world apart. I dream angels and their world, they talk to me and many times at the right moment they come to my aid. So it happens in real life too. Many times I have been asked to realize my angels for someone, but it is very personal for me, so I do not like to do them with a time frame… I have been reported that my angels are guardian angels, that they bring luck… some strange stories have come to my hear about my angels… I like to believe that everything happens for a reason and so if you happen to have one of my angels… a reason the must be. When for the first time I was asked to do an exhibit I refused, I did not want to become exploited by the “business” of Art. I grow up in Italy, in the heart of Rome, walking was a travel in history, the colosseum, San Peter, the Phaethon and all the wonderful art around me moulded my imagination. My father an art dealer,  many of friend where and are artist… I am not half as good. So I could agree to do an exhibit only for a good cause, and because everything happens for a reason a good cause came my way. Now I am working on the first BOOK OF ANGELS, I am working on some furniture, and other pieces for the exhibit that will take place in Rome at the end of 2018.